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Welcome to the Quad City Mopar Club Website!

In the spring of 2006 we began asking around if there were any Mopar clubs in the area. Much to our dismay, the closest was the Chicagoland Mopar Club. For years we have attended Mopars on the Mississippi every August and enjoyed seeing the wide variety of Mopars that would be there. We really wanted something like that around the Quad Cities. So we began to take a sign up sheet with us to the shows and cruise-ins and get input as to whether or not other Mopar owners would be interested in having something around here. We ended up with quite a list of very interested people.

We started the Quad City Mopar Club in the spring of 2006 with dreams of having a bunch of people get together to share in their love of Mopar cars. Our first cruise-in was in October of 2006 and although it was a cold, wet day, approximately 20 cars showed up to show their support. That day we took on our first 5 members. The Quad City Mopar Club continues to grow.

Our #1 goal as a club is to have fun. There are many benefits to being a member such as discounts on registration for the cruise-ins, being a part of our very own calendar, and meeting with one another on a regular basis swapping stories, secrets, and/or parts.

Please feel free to surf our site. We have photos from our cruise-ins and other area events, member pages, a list of QC area events, classifieds, and links to other car related sites.

If you would like more information on becoming a member of the Quad City Mopar Club, please fee free to contact Randy at Randy@QCMopars.org.